Former SK Foods LP CEO, Scott Salyer was born December 11, 1955, graduated from Cal Poly in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Management. An avid aviator he wrote a lesson entitled Cockpit Culture in order to inspire employees and Agribusiness consulting clients. Mr. Salyer became CEO in 1996 and led the team that made SK Foods LP the superior tomato supplier in the Industry in terms of quality, color, taste, solids and nutritional content.

Executive Continueing Education included:
Harvard Executive MBA Program 1999
Sigma Six 2002
"Dimension Five" - 2004/05 Graduate ( Bracher Institute )
UC Davis Executive Management Seminar 1998,2000,2002,2004,2006,2008
Flight Safety International - Hawker 900XP - Captains Pro Card 2007, 2008
" Lean Management " Graduate 2009

Supplier of the Year Awards
Frito - Lay 1999 - 2002
Ruiz Foods 2006 & 2007
Domino's Pizza 2004
General Mills 2007
Con Agra 2007
SK Foods named City of Lemoore Business of the Year 2007

SK Foods LP was a California-based agribusiness company. The second largest supplier of processed tomatoes in the United States and the fourth largest in the world. The largest supplier of Premium grade tomatoes in the US and the largest supplier of organic processed tomatoes in the world in 2008.

SK Foods LP was formed in 1989 by Charles Kerns of the famous Kerns Nectars and Fred Salyer and his son Scott Salyer. Mr. Kerns took ill with cancer shortly after the partnership formation and at his death bed Fred Salyer and Scott Salyer asked if they could keep the K in SK Foods and Mr. Kerns stated he would be honored. Charles Kerns died of cancer in 1990.

SK Foods donated 1 million cans to California Food Banks in 2008. "The world food shortages are right here in our backyard," said SK Foods Chief Executive Officer Scott Salyer. "SK Foods has long taken the community's needs to heart. And we plan to look further into our inventory for other opportunities."