Almost 100 FBI, Department of Justice and IRS agents stormed the home of Mr. Salyer at 7am on April 16, 2008. They encircled him with raised cocked rifles and screamed so loudly that Mr. Salyer could not understand what was being demanded of him. His 18 year old daughter was forced out of bed with a cocked shotgun held to her head. Mr. Salyer was not mirandized nor was he informed that he was under an investigation. He was terrorized at gunpoint during which time two agents whom he believed to be with the Department of Justice tried to force him to admit to various allegations they shouted at him. The allegations he recognized as claims being made against his company, SK Foods LP, in a civil lawsuit. The claims had not been proven and SK Foods LP Attorneys were prepared to win the case that was replete with untruths. Mr. Salyer does not recall saying much if anything due to being in a state of terror.

In early 2009 Mr. Salyer was nearly run off the road by what appeared to be an expert driver. The highly experienced pilot possessed good mental faculties and quick reflexes and overcame the other driver's efforts. Then a few weeks later it happened a second time.

On February 4, 2010 Mr. Salyer was arrested by FBI Special Agent Paul Artley in New York when descending an aircraft, which came as a surprise. Mr. Salyer was chained and cuffed and held at gunpoint by Artley in the back of a van which then drove him through the streets of New York for two hours. He remembered a bizaar conversation between the two other FBI agents in the front of the van involving what they believed to be the Government's mal handling of the case involving Madoff. They detailed how the Government had confiscated 1.3 billion, that they thought they could convict him for less than that figure but when Madoff pled guilty it triggered an avalanche of tax refunds which now totaled greater than 16 billion and that the two agents disapproved of the Government's handling of the case. Which Mr. Salyer states added intense anxiety to the already incomprehensible circumstances he was in himself at that moment in time. What could he possibly have in common with Madoff? Either that or is it that the FBI just conduct themselves in bad form at all times?

Salyer was moved for two weeks across the United States toward his destination, Sacramento Jail. With Department of Justice appointees aggressively shoving at him a pen plus Plea Agreement after Plea Agreement demanding a signature.

On August 28, 2010 after 7 and a half months, six bail hearings before three different judges, Mr. Salyer was finally released to home confinement. Prosecutors fought hard to keep him locked up. Inside the jail it circulated that there was a pool going betting on Salyer offing himself inside six months. At the outset the home that was free and clear was put up for bail, just as Mr. Salyer was walking out of the jail he was called back in and informed his bail was being revoked as the title on the home was now encumbered by a Lis Pendens. After 23 and half years married to the woman he believed to be his childhood sweetheart Mr. Salyer was informed that she had never loved him and had married him only at the behest of her mother who insisted she marry into the Salyer family, this was 2004. In 2010 this same woman put a legal claim on the home that Mr. Salyer moved into upon her obtaining the divorce. The news media have often described the house as a mansion. It is a house. Then he learned she had also obtained a judgement for a 7.5 million dollar paid up life insurance policy on his life. She then fought to keep him in jail. Along with the Prosecution, belief was voiced that Mr. Salyer would lose his life there.

During his time in jail Mr. Salyer was a victim of prisoner abuse. The report has not been filed yet but we can reveal that he was kept in Solitary Confinement for his entire stay. He was allowed direct sunlight only once at the four and half month mark, his food was befouled with sewage daily, he was allowed showers at an interval of each week or every other week depending on the mood of Sargent Morrissey. On one specific shower day Mr. Salyer was chained and cuffed and shoved, (which is the standard mode regardless of where he might be headed), all the way to the shower, then shoved into the shower, the shower water is too hot to shower under, he had not been given food rations in three days. The staff forgot that he was in the shower and after close to an hour Salyer passed out. Wet, nude, burned, cuffed and chained he awoke while being dragged back to the Solitary Confinement cell by his handcuffs.

The two other Federal prisoners who were at the Sacramento Jail during the same time period succumbed and lost their lives.

Mr. Salyer is acutely aware that the Jail community are tight knit and cover for one another. There have been complaints filed by prisoners who shared the same jailers and a multitude of nay sayers are always at the ready to defend the sadistic practices engaged in.

Sacbee - Federal jury awards small damages in Sacramento jail abuse case By Denny Walsh This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Sacramento federal court jury today rejected Drake Jones' claim that he was forced face-down into raw sewage while he was a Main Jail inmate in 2008, and awarded him minimal damages for excessive force manifest in the several hours he spent handcuffed and shackled.

The panel found supervisory liability against a sheriff's sergeant, plus "willful, malicious, or oppressive" conduct on the part of four deputies, but awarded no punitive damages, which are meant to punish, against them.

The five women and three men apparently believed Jones exaggerated his injuries, assessing the jailers a total of $31,000 in general damages; $8,000 against Sgt. Daniel Morrissey, $7,500 against Deputy Ken Becker, $7,000 each against Deputies Justin Chaussee and Chris Conrad, and $1,500 against Deputy Christopher Mrozinski. Read more here:

The Sacramento Jail was thought to be the most powerful tool the Government has to get Federal prisoners to take the plea. But, that is not how they got Mr. Salyer to sign, it took two years more and a manipulative tactic no Americans are aware of.

On strict home confinement since August 28, 2010. Mr. Salyer's first night out of Solitary Confinement was passed in a hotel. In addition to acute anemia, blood that lacked vitamin's K, D and B, acute weight loss and atrophy, disorder of the central nervous system that interrupted automatic systems in several organs, inner ear damage and vertigo Mr. Salyer is plagued by Post Traumatic Shock. His brain was unable to calculate the distance between the walls in the new environment and found himself falling off the edge of the hotel bed where he sat. He commenced his departure from the tiny Solitary Confinement cell by putting one foot directly in front of the other and counting his steps in an effort to retrain his brain to understand distances and attempt to regain some of his balance. Post Traumatic Stress is something we hear a lot about and can involve excruciating anxiety, irrational fears and unstable emotions in an attempt to exit the trauma from the person. The Shock of Mr. Salyer's Trauma is frozen inside his person and he is unable to locate it let alone attempt to exit it from his person it has in a sense become a part of him. He is continuously vigilant and highly observant and highly functional even the most minute detail is registered and analyzed as his survival skills seek to decipher anything that could threaten his survival further. He is calm and collected. His already impressive intelligence heightened.

In May 2012 an intruder lay in wait at Mr. Salyer's home. His release terms permit him to leave his house from 6pm to 9pm on Saturday nights and when he returned his friend was with him. The two men saw a large swift shadow take off out of the yard and the friend chased after him trying to get information. Mr. Salyer has two King Charles Spaniel dogs who although are not good attack dogs are a good early warning system. They are sensitive dogs who detect the most minute change in atmosphere, sound, smell, temperature even vibrational frequency and nothing gets by them. The dogs did not detect the intruder. Mr. Salyer describes the intruder as eerily devoid of any sound, smell or normal human feel, he states that the intruder was in fact cold and still. After thinking it over for two days Mr. Salyer permitted the incident to be called into the Monterey Sheriff. The Government appointees at the Department of Justice use every single minute thing as a weapon against Mr. Salyer and he was concerned that the Government could try to put him back in jail if he were to call the Sheriff. At the same time, he had truly had enough. He is well aware that the opposition are motivated to ensure his life does not continue.

The Department of Justice sharpened the inside of the Ankle Bracelet they outfitted Mr. Salyer with in preparation for his departure from jail, it keeps cutting his leg. Photo of scar attached.